About Matthew Muschott

My name is Matthew Muschott and I offer intuitive readings and intuitive energy work. I have been doing this work for 25 years. Whether by phone or in person at my home in Columbus, Ohio, deep focus is brought to many areas of your life including career, family, relationships, and spiritual growth. My work as an Intuitive Reader really focuses on spiritual guidance more than predictive information. Although information about what is most likely to happen on your path may come through, insight into the metaphysical, symbolic, or spiritual issues in your life are usually highlighted. Remember, although the destination can be important, HOW you get there is what life is all about!

I believe that when we are truly ready, we find what we need to help us on life’s journey. I feel that in essence, I am a mirror for those who come to me. I reflect back to them what a part of them already knows, whether consciously or not. I tend to confirm thoughts, feelings, and intuitive senses they have already had. I am also usually able to offer new perspectives that may help my clients look at things in another way. And often, ‘homework’ is given – suggestions for things that can be done beyond the session that may help them break through blockages or that may help them gain new insight.

The success of the session in part relies on the client. I ask that each person come with an open mind and an open heart. Take time to focus in advance on what it is you really want to know. Each session will provide messages that your Guidance wants you to hear. But having clearly worded / well – defined questions can result in more specific answers.

If you feel stuck, or as if you are at a crossroad in your life, or just need some clarity, I’d love to hear from you.