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Sep 04

Divine Assistance

Not too long ago, I was in a really low place.  I had an intense cold and my physical, mental, and emotional energies were at an all time low.  I was sitting on the couch when I began to notice some VERY dark and negative thoughts.  Thoughts that were uncharacteristic... read more →
Aug 27

Leap of Faith

For many years, I worked in the hospitality industry.  I grew to love the work and especially many of the people I met along the way.  Much of the work was repetitive which allowed me to be somewhat on "auto pilot".  This freed up part of my consciousness to delve... read more →
Aug 16

Starting Over

I find myself in an interesting place.  For many months, I had been making excellent progress with getting healthier.  I was eating better, exercising every day, and just feeling better overall.  It was exciting to notice some real physical changes.  These changes were beginning to feel like a solid part... read more →
Mar 25

Working with the Elements

It was posed to me many years ago that Nature greets us every time we step outside.  When I heard this, I began to see what I noticed first upon stepping outside.  Sometimes I would notice that the wind would pick up.  Hmmm.  Maybe I needed to work with the... read more →
Feb 26

This Too Shall Pass

We surely are living in very challenging times.  So much change and upheaval in so many parts of our lives.  I really believe that everything happens for a higher purpose and if we can trust in that, we can find a way through all of these life changes. When I... read more →