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Mar 25

Working with the Elements

It was posed to me many years ago that Nature greets us every time we step outside.  When I heard this, I began to see what I noticed first upon stepping outside.  Sometimes I would notice that the wind would pick up.  Hmmm.  Maybe I needed to work with the... read more →
Feb 26

This Too Shall Pass

We surely are living in very challenging times.  So much change and upheaval in so many parts of our lives.  I really believe that everything happens for a higher purpose and if we can trust in that, we can find a way through all of these life changes. When I... read more →
Feb 05

Getting Lost On Purpose

There are times where it is easy to get swept up in the daily hustle and bustle.  So many things tugging at our attention.  It can be a lot to keep up with.  During these times of our energy being drawn thin in so many directions, we can feel out... read more →
Jan 29

What No Longer Serves Us

We seem to be living in a time where we are collectively identifying, processing, and releasing what no longer serves us on  our spiritual journey.  For some people, this process can be a struggle.  It can feel like things are changing in a way that is beyond our control.  It... read more →
Jan 22

Self Care and Boundaries

Part of doing my intuitive work has been in learning about myself, my personal energy, and my own boundaries.  I remember when I first started doing readings professionally how energetic I was.  I could do very lengthy readings for people, some of them going as long as a few hours... read more →