Karmic Revisitation

My Spirit Guides have been telling me that for at least the last year or two, many souls here on planet Earth are going through what they call a Karmic Revisitation.  This is a process in which many traumas from past lives are being revisited on an energetic level.  When these traumas occurred, we did not properly or full process what had happened.  And over the years, maybe even eons of time that have passed since the traumas happened, layers and layers of old pain have built up and are having an influence on what is happening in each moment of now.

For example, in a past life,  you may have been stabbed in the stomach.  Of course that is a very traumatic experience and one that can take a long time to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually heal from.  In this current life, you may experience chronic stomach / digestive issues.  Because the old trauma was never fully dealt with, processed, released, and healed, it influences you now.

One thing I do, especially when I’ve had a rough day, is to ask my Angels and Guides to help me process the day’s experiences while I sleep.  But to process them in a way that does not disturb my sleep.  It is sort of like wiping the slate clean each night.  This process can help you peel away the layers of these past life traumas.

Many of us are either consciously focusing on releasing old patterns, issues, beliefs, and energies, or this process is happening on its own because these things no longer serve our higher good and prevent us from moving forward.  You may find it helpful to take some time to state your intention of what it is you want to release.  You can state these things in a general way or a specific way.  But whatever it is you that you choose to release, consider adding this to the end of your intention : ,in all moments.  For example : I release the fear of failure, in all moments.  I release the belief that I am unworthy of love, in all moments.  I release the need to sabotage myself, in all moments.  By adding “in all moments”, you are covering all possible time lines of experiences – past lives, the life between lives, parallel time lines, etc.

People who are going through this Karmic Revisitation are having thoughts of the past, completely out of the blue and seemingly with no context.  These thoughts are usually brief and a bit confusing.  Some people are having spontaneous memories of or knowledge of their past lives.  And some people are reconnecting with people from their past.  I’m hearing from a lot of people that they are reconnecting with past loves, that they are suddenly hearing from these people that they haven’t thought of or heard from in many years.  These people are not coming back into our lives so that we may pick up where we left off but rather because whatever happened during our time with them is coming up to be healed and released.

This truly is a time of releasing that which no longer serves you.  If something is not healthy, meaningful, or beneficial to your spiritual growth, it is being challenged so that it can be healed and released.

Please have patience with yourself and with others during this process.  I do not know how long this will take to unfold.  Each person goes through it in their own way and in their own timing.  But it is all in the name of love and progress.

Blessed Journeys,