Terms Of Service

All sessions except for Group Parties and Property Readings can be scheduled by clicking the Make Appointment button on the Home page of this website. 

To schedule a Group Party or a Property Reading, please send me an email at : LoveUnfolding@gmail.com.

All first time Phone Reading clients must prepay for their sessions via PayPal on the Services page of this website.  All other phone reading clients may pay via PayPal, by Square at the time of their call, or by check.  If paying by check, please let me know at the time of scheduling your appointment and I will give you my mailing address when I confirm your appointment.

Fees :

In Person sessions can be paid at the time of your appointment with exact change cash, check, or money order. I also accept credit and debit cards.

I also allow clients to combine services. ie: having a full reading followed by a Reiki treatment. Prices vary. Call or email for details.

Some clients like to bring a friend or a family member with them to sit in on their session. I am fine with this but please know that sometimes I may get messages for the other person who is not getting a reading.

Some clients will come together for private sessions. Please keep in mind that I do not have a waiting area. So, you can either sit in on each other’s sessions or there are two cafes nearby where one can wait while the other is getting their session.

Cancellation Policy :

Notice must be given within 24 hours prior to your appointment time. A $25 fee will be charged if insufficient or no notice is given.
Repeat cancellations and No Shows will only be rescheduled after full payment via PayPal has been made. Repeat cancellations and No Shows who do not honor their prepaid sessions will forfeit their entire fee.

I know that things happen that are beyond our control. I respect and appreciate that but please know that this is what I do for a living. It pays my bills and I take it very seriously. I just ask that you respect and honor your appointment time.

Doing this work is a team effort. I take time to prepare myself in advance by meditating and setting my intention to receive information that is for my client’s highest good. My clients are my sole focus during the session. I do my best to honor their needs and issues.

You, as the client, have your own responsibilities when receiving a reading or energy work. Showing up on time, ready to have your session is important. Making sure you bring everything you need with you : pen and paper if you want to take notes, a recording device such as your cell phone or other device, and proper payment.

It can be very helpful for you to prepare a written list of specific questions ahead of your session. This helps you to focus. Specific questions result in specific answers when possible. So be sure to take time to really focus on what it is you would like to know.

I know that life is busy and I find that many people do not give themselves enough time to arrive at their appointment. Please do your best to leave early enough to arrive on time. I am usually ready for clients anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes before the start time of their session. If you arrive early, please call me at 614-468-1399 to see if I am ready for you. If I am, I will let you know that you can come in.


There are many readers out there and each of them have their own way of working. To get the highest benefit from your session I ask that you allow me to go at my own pace. Many people have so much stress and turmoil in their lives and they want to cover a lot of territory in their readings. In their stress, they tend to want to go quickly from question to question. I ask that you do not interrupt me as I deliver the messages. In each session I always share what your Guidance wants you to know and then we take time to go over questions you may have. Please do not force or lead the session. When you let the reader / energy worker work at their own pace in accordance with their guidance, the results can be amazing! TRUST in the process.

I do my very best to create a calm welcoming environment in which to do my work. It is my honor to be of service to you on your life path. I look forward to working with you soon.

Blessed Journeys,