Testimonials for Matthew Muschott

Matthew, thank you for all the awesome readings you have given me through the years and there has been many. The bold truth is it hasn’t been easy getting out of my own head sometimes, but you get in there with me and help me bring out my inner-knowing to see things clearly, to better understand my circumstance’s. Your guidance and spirit messages have helped me during times in my life where I was feeling pretty low. You have always told me the truth even when it was hard at the time to hear it, but that is what I come to you for and I appreciate and respect you for that. Thank you for all you do! you are truly a beautiful soul.
Sharon M. FordosiCleveland, OH
I’ve been seeing Matthew regularly for over 10 years and my favorite thing is that it’s life changing every time. Most of the time I get 60 minute intuitive readings. I have also gotten 30 minute intuitive readings and I have done both over the phone and in person. I get the same results every time. I end up with a whole new perspective about so many different areas of my life. It’s mind blowing! I become more self-aware with his insight. I am uplifted and feel much more positive about my life than when I came in. The information is given in such a gentle manner that it’s like a touch of a feather. He is kind, compassionate and someone you want AND have rooting for you. Matthew makes me feel very comfortable and nothing is too weird or strange to talk about. He understands every spectrum. He doesn’t need any information about me to do an intuitive reading and I find that to be a remarkable quality. He just needs me to be open to receiving guidance. I have recordings of intuitive readings from years and years ago! I listen to them often. I am always amazed how far I’ve come and I know I have Matthew to thank for much of that growth! I have also done 1 or 2 question email readings. I do these when I am in a crisis or really want to know something and it can’t wait! I always know his answer is the right answer. With all the readings I have done, I couldn’t ask for a better experience.
Carol M.Hilliard, OH
I have been coming to Matthew for readings and energy work for much longer than I can remember (let’s say well over 10 years). I recommend him to any friend who is trying to sort out their path forward or look for ideas for positive change. Matthew’s calm, peaceful and loving approach combined with his strong intuitive abilities makes my visits with him one of the highlights of each season.
For anyone who enjoys reiki, His combination service of Reiki and then a reading is very unique in the Midwest. I believe it is the perfect gift for someone who is open to this deep level of personal healing work.
SusanBerkshire, OH
Dear Matthew,
I would be glad to write a testimonial for your website. I remember writing one a couple years ago but didn’t see it on your site. I’m hopeful the content I provide will be what you’re looking for. Thank you for being a integral part of my healing.

I have been seeking Matthew’s guidance since 2012. His messages are always given in a calm, loving, supportive fashion with great accuracy by being on point for where you are in life. He has been an integral aspect of my spiritual healing and growth and has helped me immeasurably. I have benefited greatly from his regular Intuitive guidance readings. I’ve benefited from his multitude of services by receiving Reiki with Intuitive Readings, Past Life readings and several Email readings. I’ve also been to group parties where Matthew did individual private readings for everyone and Popcorn readings in group form where he goes around the room reading for each individual. The look on people’s faces as they hear their personal messages is so fun to see. The aha moments, clarity and relief received from his guidance is enjoyable and satisfying. Matthew’s gifted guidance is an integral tool in my arsenal of spiritual growth I will cherish and continue to seek out in life. He really is that good!

I hope this testimonial is what you’re looking for. If you have any questions or would like me to tweet and area by adding or subtracting anything please don’t hesitate to let me know. You know I love you and think your gift is amazing and it helps so many people so you cannot offend me if there is something I may have inadvertently left out or added that you would rather I not say. Just know my wish is write something truly moving to you.

Much love.

StephanieColumbus, OH
I have gone to Matt for almost all of the services that he’s offered. I have found his insights and work to be gentle, informative and a great learning experience. The way he addresses topics in an intuitive reading, with a sense of openness and groundedness, allows me to feel safe in that very vulnerable place of being unsure. I have found the guidance and practices he’s offered for me to take home after readings relevant and effective in my practical and spiritual life. My personal sense of trusting my intuition and guidance has grown, which is such a positive sign when working with any healer—they help you to find more of yourself.

While I was going through a tough transition, I scheduled regular monthly reiki sessions with Matt for over a year to keep my energy systems regulated and healthy. While I was dealing with personal, physical and professional transitions, I felt the reiki sessions kept me grounded and centered in a way that I found beneficial to my process. It was the best form of self-care.

No matter what kind of session I book, I feel honored, accepted and seen by Matt. His work has been beneficial to my life in many ways over the years. I appreciate his work and highly recommend him to anyone interested in receiving energy work or intuitive guidance.

Eve H.Clintonville, OH
Matt Muschott is a wonderfully gifted seer. He reads with great clarity of purpose and a deeper awareness and compassion charting the path toward your higher self. Matt truly wants to see you express the gifts you are holding in yourself. He is the real deal, and delivers messages with humor, honesty and great sensitivity!
Jenny SieckSacred Bracelets Intuitive Designs
Matt Muschott is a soul with a purpose. His connection to the source is unlike any I’ve ever seen. He has put so many pieces of the puzzle together for me, that I am left in total amazement. I get it now. If you are debating whether to seek any sort of spiritual guidance, I would highly recommend Matt any day!
Jimmy S.Columbus, OH
Matt is a gentle soul. His readings are compassionate, precise, and very insightful. You’ll remember his messages for years, especially when the events unfold as Matt predicted.
KC MatroniaSunbury, OH
When I found Matt, things started changing in my life. I had been “searching” for a long while, making some progress here and there. With Matts insights and information I have grown by leaps and bounds in a relatively short period of time. The advice he has given me has been so astounding that I will be forever grateful to him. I also participate in Matt’s group ‘Gentle Guidance’ and found a place of acceptance, validation, and first-hand unedited information about his gift and the gifts we all share. Matt’s guidance and intuition is accurate, gentle, and life affirming, and will change your life if you let it. He is a blessing and I recommend him to everyone.
JulieColumbus, OH
Out of the blue, Matt gave me a message from my mother. (“I have a message for you…I think it’s from your mother. Is her name Mary? Marie?”. Her name is indeed Marie; she passed in 1996. He said it made no sense to him, but he was going to tell me anyway. I gasped when he told me what she had said. I felt like I had been hit by lightening…..the message was something only I would understand, and was the answer to a question that had bothered and disturbed me for many years. At that moment, everything clicked in place and suddenly it all made sense to me. This was a life altering moment for me, and I will never forget it. Thank you Matt, with gratitude.
Teresa KennedyWesterville, OH
Matt is an amazing reader, I say a name or mention an event and Matt responds with volumes of useful information from spirit. I find Matt’s perceptions and insights valuable in my own spiritual and mundane endeavors.
West H., Columbus, OH
I have come to Matt for guidance many times over the past ten years, and he has become a very important resource of comfort and support as a counselor for myself, and for many family and friends. He is trusted implicitly with the very personal aspects of my life, as his gift provides incredibly accurate insight and precise messages from Spirit that encourage me to remain centered, trusting and loving on my own path.
Amy K.Cambridge, OH
Matt was able to pull things out of an email reading that I did not offer in the way of background information. I was amazed at the things he just intuitively “knew” about my situation! Many of these things I already was aware of somewhere in my consciousness, but it helped tremendously to have someone who is not involved mirror these things back to me. Thanks Matt–I definitely hold you and your abilities in high regard and will definitely come back for more!
Jill HavensDelaware, OH