Testimonials for Matthew Muschott

Matt Muschott is a gentle, beautiful soul, and an honest and gifted psychic. My sister first recommended Matt years ago after a session with him. Since then, Matt has read for me several times. The last reading particularly hit the mark. His insight as well as practical advice has proven invaluable. I highly recommend Matt.
Cassandra MaullEdmonds, WA
Matt Muschott is a wonderfully gifted seer. He reads with great clarity of purpose and a deeper awareness and compassion charting the path toward your higher self. Matt truly wants to see you express the gifts you are holding in yourself. He is the real deal, and delivers messages with humor, honesty and great sensitivity!
Jenny SieckSacred Bracelets Intuitive Designs
Matt Muschott is a soul with a purpose. His connection to the source is unlike any I’ve ever seen. He has put so many pieces of the puzzle together for me, that I am left in total amazement. I get it now. If you are debating whether to seek any sort of spiritual guidance, I would highly recommend Matt any day!
Jimmy S.Columbus, OH
Matt is a gentle soul. His readings are compassionate, precise, and very insightful. You’ll remember his messages for years, especially when the events unfold as Matt predicted.
KC MatroniaSunbury, OH
When I found Matt, things started changing in my life. I had been “searching” for a long while, making some progress here and there. With Matts insights and information I have grown by leaps and bounds in a relatively short period of time. The advice he has given me has been so astounding that I will be forever grateful to him. I also participate in Matt’s group ‘Gentle Guidance’ and found a place of acceptance, validation, and first-hand unedited information about his gift and the gifts we all share. Matt’s guidance and intuition is accurate, gentle, and life affirming, and will change your life if you let it. He is a blessing and I recommend him to everyone.
JulieColumbus, OH
Out of the blue, Matt gave me a message from my mother. (“I have a message for you…I think it’s from your mother. Is her name Mary? Marie?”. Her name is indeed Marie; she passed in 1996. He said it made no sense to him, but he was going to tell me anyway. I gasped when he told me what she had said. I felt like I had been hit by lightening…..the message was something only I would understand, and was the answer to a question that had bothered and disturbed me for many years. At that moment, everything clicked in place and suddenly it all made sense to me. This was a life altering moment for me, and I will never forget it. Thank you Matt, with gratitude.
Teresa KennedyWesterville, OH
Matt’s peaceful energy and great insight has helped me to make better choices in life.
Matt is an amazing reader, I say a name or mention an event and Matt responds with volumes of useful information from spirit. I find Matt’s perceptions and insights valuable in my own spiritual and mundane endeavors.
West H., Columbus, OH
I have come to Matt for guidance many times over the past ten years, and he has become a very important resource of comfort and support as a counselor for myself, and for many family and friends. He is trusted implicitly with the very personal aspects of my life, as his gift provides incredibly accurate insight and precise messages from Spirit that encourage me to remain centered, trusting and loving on my own path.
Amy K.Cambridge, OH
I was recently blessed with my first reading with Matt. I was impressed by his compassion and sincerity but most of all I was impressed by his accuracy. WOW ! Being a reader I know what to look for in a reader and in a reading, Matt gets high marks in both. My reading was truly amazing !

This was my first reading with Matt but it definitely won’t be the last. If you are considering arranging a reading with Matt I encourage you to do so, you will be glad that you did.

Cindy Higginson
Matt was able to pull things out of an email reading that I did not offer in the way of background information. I was amazed at the things he just intuitively “knew” about my situation! Many of these things I already was aware of somewhere in my consciousness, but it helped tremendously to have someone who is not involved mirror these things back to me. Thanks Matt–I definitely hold you and your abilities in high regard and will definitely come back for more!
Jill HavensDelaware, OH
The best word I can use to describe Matt is AWESOME! I have had several different kinds of readings and each one has been spot on and amazing! He is the only person I turn to for intuitive guidance and I recommend Matt without reservation to my friends.
Karen S.Alabama
I’ve known Matt for almost 4 years and have had several readings by him, all which have given me direction where I need it. My Reiki session reaffirmed just how much Matt truly gives from his heart. I definitely felt recharged after my session. Matt has amazing talent not only for his readings, but also through Reiki. I have recommended Matt to several of my friends for readings, and most definitely would recommend him for Reiki. I feel honored to have shared such a personal experience with him.
Susan S.Hilliard, OH
Matt’s reading was both insightful and informative. Even though we have never met face to face he was able to perceive so much of the most basic truths of my life situation and what needed to be addressed. In some cases it was what I already knew but needed to be told, in others his reading dealt with issues that I certainly should have seen but hadn’t.
I can’t recommend his intuitive services enough!
Glenn M.Bloomsburg, PA